Leola was an extraordinary cook.  In her day, she had a special, unique way of developing innovative and tasty dishes.  Her Deep Fried Turkey is an interesting, delicious and not-so-spicy rendition of the very popular Cajun Deep Fried Turkey so popular in the southern United States.

A Family Tradition…

Delicious Deep Fried Turkey

Leola’s Deep Fried Turkey is first injected with a special HERB MARINADE which helps to give it the unique flavor but also a tenderness that is unsurpassed.  The Turkey, like the Turkeys so popular  in Cajun Country, is then Deep Fried in Peanut Oil.  This process leaves the turkey with a uniquely delicious flavor.  Finally, at the end of the process, Leola’s Turkey is rubbed with special herbs, packaged in a gold foil baking foil and Vacuum package and quickly frozen to preserve the great flavor.  Finally, Leola’s Turkey is placed in an outer netting for ease of carrying and handling.

While the uniqueness and flavor of deep fried turkey are important reasons for Leola’s great tasting Turkey, there are other reasons as well.   Consider the cost of frying your own turkey:

  • Cookers cost about $60

  • Propane cost about $35

  • Peanut Oil cost about $35

  • An injector and the Marinade will cost about $40

  • Seasonings, you can add another $35

  • Oh yes, don’t forget the Safety Glasses, about $8

One More Thing…

…avoid the high risk of fire caused by putting a partially thawed turkey into 375 degree peanut oil…this happens frequently!

Leola’s Delicious Deep Fried Turkey

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